so tired of faith

It’s Wednesday 17 December 2014 09:14am French time and god has still not turned up. The world has waited over 2000 years for his arrival and yesterday would have been a fine deadline for his appearance, but no, 132 children had to die.

I am so tired of religion and it’s hateful doctrine and false… Continue reading

Sagan and the Demons

When the UK joined the EU in’73* I, in my 8 year old mind, thought this was a wondrous adventure. I revelled in the idea of no longer being just British but more exotic, I could be anything I wanted. My Italian roots (on my mother’s side) could come out to play and everyone would… Continue reading

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Quote of the day

Leaving sex to the feminists is like letting your dog vacation at the taxidermist. — Camille Paglia




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